EP 137 Karen Stiller-The Minister’s Wife

Karen Stiller is a writer with more than twenty years of experience. She serves as a senior editor of the Canadian magazine “Faith Today” and hosts The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s podcast. As a journalist, Karen has shared stories from South Sudan, Uganda, Senegal, Cambodia, and across North America. She moderates the Religion and Society Series at the University of Toronto, a debate between leading atheists and theologians. Her work has appeared in Reader’s Digest and The Walrus, among other publications. Karen holds a master of fine arts in creative non-fiction from University of King’s College, Halifax, and an honorary doctorate from Providence University College and Theological Seminary. She and her husband, Brent, a priest with the Anglican Church, live in Ottawa, Canada, and have three adult children.

EP 133 Debra Moerke – Author of book – Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace

When Debra Moerke and her husband decided to become foster parents, they never imagined how their lives would change. Debra became especially close to one little girl: four-year-old Hannah. She loved her and did everything she could to help Hannah learn to trust and teach her to feel safe. But when Hannah went back to her birth mother, Karen, it wasn’t long before one of Debra’s worst fears came true. dj_moerke@yahoo.com