Stephen I “No More Church for Me”

Growing up in a church going family gave Stephen lots of knowledge about God but he never had a relationship with God, At the age of 12, he decided he was finished with God and the church. That started rebellion, an introduction to alcohol, drugs, sex, and even some jail time. That spiral was downward. About the age of 19, a friend took him to his church and he found he did not have an relationship with God. During those years, he had a praying family that did not give up on Stephen. A commitment to Christ gave him what he knew he had been missing. Hear a moving testimony of a man that has been totally restored by the Grace of God.

Lisa Stringer Behind the Scenes of Music

Lisa Stringer is married to Doug Stringer who is the founder of “The Somebody Cares.”
This mission is to let people know that Somebody Cares. Because Jesus cares, we the Church care. As a result, through grassroots efforts, communities are being transformed and the Church is uniting.

Ron Hall Workin’ Our Way Home

With both wit and wisdom, the pages of this book reveal God’s plan lived out through these men and those closest to them, including their passion to fulfill Debbie’s dream of easing the pain and humiliation associated with homelessness, poverty, and inequality.
“Whether we is rich or whether we is poor, or somethin in between, this earth ain’t no final restin place. So in a way, we is all homeless—ever last one of us—just workin our way home”

Joel Shunmugam – From a Scum to a Son

The true account of a life pulled out of the ashes of drug addiction, alcoholism, despair and hopelessness to peace and joy in Jesus Christ. Joel Shunmugam’s life is a beacon of hope to many who find themselves stuck in a quagmire of desperation due to choices they have made.
There is hope for all of us in Jesus

Joey by Jennifer Bleakley

At the height of his show career, this beautiful Appaloosa’s majestic stature, strength, and willingness to work made him the perfect partner. But when an injury cost Joey his show career, he moved from one owner to the next, ultimately experiencing severe abuse and neglect. A rescue group found Joey nearly dead from starvation—and blind.