Ice Dragon

There is a great story behind this film as Bruce wrote it while living in Russia circa. 1990. It was initially written for his children, reflecting on the current state of communism in the country…telling a tale of hope in a time of hopelessness. Originally a short story, it sat in his desk drawer for nearly 25 years until recently when it was turned into a compelling animated feature.
“Ice Dragon” features the voice talent of Rheal Rees as Melody, Justin Dubé as Leif and Bill Bray as Nicholai. In the tradition of animated family classics, the film combines adventure, romance and comedy, along with great music in an entertaining, faith-based parable that families everywhere will applaud! The film is the first of a planned trilogy of films that will follow the adventures of lead characters, Melody and Leif as they unlock the secrets and power of The Song.

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