I had a Dream

I had a dream eight months ago about Earl Campbell.
In the dream Earl Campbell was in the other room and he was in a lot of pain from something like MS or arthritis

God told me to give him faith, hope, and love
I asked what is faith, hope and love?
then he explained it to me

Margie Mayfield CDs stood for Faith

Thurman Scrivner’s CD stood for hope

Betty Baxter’s CD stood for love
Push To hear Cd’s He said to give the CDs to his nurse and after he has listen to it.
Have your mom and dad pray for him and he would be healed.

It took about six months but one day I was driving down the road and he said go in there you’re going to meet his nurse, I stopped and went in and I met this lady that said she was his nurse, I gave her the CDs but I still have not heard back from him

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