Walt Heyer “Moses” to the Transgenders

Walt started dressing in girls clothes at 4 years old, by his grandmother who made beautiful chiffon dresses for him. This led into a life of marriage, divorce, gender operations and psychological recovery. He now travels the world helping anyone who needs help with the same issues he faced and overcame.

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Movie “Second Chance” Kalina de Moura & Jan Duncan Weir

“Second Chance – If One Wish Granted “; was written in 2016. Production began early summer 2016 and was completed summer of 2017. The story is about a loving mother (Helen Senders) played by Jan Duncan Weir and her son (Sean Senders), played by Eric Hanson. Their story is familiar to many in the United States and the world. She is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Sean, her only child is her primary caregiver. Sean experiences all the challenges that are in place when a family faces such disease. The physical and mental changes are hard on the patient and on their loved ones. The one thing that was the hardest for Sean to endure was the heartbreak of seeing his mother’s life being taken away by the disease, and worse of all things, she no longer know who he was as she was departing this world. Sean has one last wish, and his wish is to have just a little more time with his mother. Will his wish be granted? The film is meant to show compassion, understanding and coping for families and friends of those who we love and goes through this devastating disease. Alzheimer’s claims many lives per year worldwide. The film also emphasizes family love and history. And all the moments we should cherish and never take for granted.

Carnellus M. Moore – Miracles of Jesus Today in America and the World

Evangelist Carnellus M. Moore is a woman who loves the Lord and has a lifestyle of prayer and intercession. She has a heart and compassion for souls to be saved healed and delivered by the Power of the Holy Ghost. Her desire is for all to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior which can only be found in the “Secret Place”.

Carnellus has been anointed by God as a “Spiritual Midwife” – helping people to be birthed into their destiny foreordained by God. She ministers and moves freely under the unction, power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost with signs and wonders following her ministry. Carnellus has ministered internationally in India, Kenya and wherever the Lord sends her.

For His Glory Ministries, P.O. Box 6852, Tyler, Tx, 75711
Mail to carnellus@sbcglobal.net

Carnellus Moore – Evangelist

Carnellus says ” In Storms, God is Still With Us “. She shares finding His Will and Purpose for each life. She has a heart not just for America, but globally. Her prayer is for all to Launch Out into God’s plan for each individual. She shares on getting to know God better through the secret place, His Word and praying in the Holy Ghost.

For His Glory Ministries, P.O. Box 6852, Tyler, Tx, 75711
Mail to carnellus@sbcglobal.net

Joy Mathews – Healed of Cancer

Survivor and healed from breast cancer and 17 brain tumors. Only by the hand of God
Erica “Joy” Mathews is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana. She is a loving wife and wonderful mother of three children. The name “Joy” describes her well, and it shows through the love that she bestows upon everyone she meets. She found Christ in 2004. Through her passion in prison ministry and her love for God and others, she has led many to Christianity. She is a member of the Greater New Zion FGBC of Shreveport, LA where she is a minister and remains focused, fervent, and faithful in her walk with Christ.
She received her Associates Degree at Southern University of Shreveport in 2002. This phenomenal entrepreneur woman has owned an array of businesses, and she is an active author, motivational speaker, and business consultant. Joy’s strong will, sophistication, and drive will push you into purpose. Her undeniable faith, passion, and belief that with God all things are possible led her to write her debut books “The devil Almost Won But God” and “15 Days”
web site www.joymathews.com
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Roland Heddins – In the midst of the storm God still loves us

Director of Technology and Mission Pastor
Roland was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana of half Louisianan and half East Texas parents. At the age of three, he moved with parents and younger brother to Argentina where his Dad worked for Petro-Chemical Company. .They lived in Argentina just over 7.5 years where he learned to speak Spanish.
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