EP 140 Who Do You Trust EP #1

Host Sondra is interviewing her sister, Lynn Crow, Missionary to Mexico for 40+ years and her brother, Robert Schreiber , who has served the Lord since a young man as a missionary, counselor and pastor for 45 years. All three of us will be sharing miracles that our families have received. We are also sharing miracles when we prayed for others to receive their miracle. We are all still ministering and seeing how the Lord changes lives. Lynn Crow has two books that are being published. One is “My Mom, A Woman of Faith.” The 2nd is “Let It Go”, a book on forgiving. Our mom, Mable Schreiber also moved in miracles after receiving a total healing from Hepatitis. Being in a denominational church, we did not believe miracles still happen today. That healing changed our whole family. Praise the Lord. Our mom passed when she was 98. She was still praying and blessing people until a short time before her death.

Sondra Black: sondra.livingsprings.black@gmail.com

Lynn Crow: http://www.worldmissionsoutreach.org/

Lynn Crow: http://www.pdvtv.org/

Bobby Schreiber: Robertlschreiber@gmail.com

EP 138 Author Reese Black “Out Of The Shadows”

Out of the Shadows is both my story and the story of what God is doing in the Christian Church today. It’s a story about finding healing from emotional wounds and unhealthy beliefs. It’s a story about going on an authentic pursuit of who Jesus really is. It’s a story about walking out of the shadows–out of the traps of the kingdom of darkness–and stepping fully into the light of God’s Kingdom

RealCUF · EP 138 Author Reese Black “Out of The Shadows”

EP 137 Karen Stiller-The Minister’s Wife

Karen Stiller is a writer with more than twenty years of experience. She serves as a senior editor of the Canadian magazine “Faith Today” and hosts The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s podcast. As a journalist, Karen has shared stories from South Sudan, Uganda, Senegal, Cambodia, and across North America. She moderates the Religion and Society Series at the University of Toronto, a debate between leading atheists and theologians. Her work has appeared in Reader’s Digest and The Walrus, among other publications. Karen holds a master of fine arts in creative non-fiction from University of King’s College, Halifax, and an honorary doctorate from Providence University College and Theological Seminary. She and her husband, Brent, a priest with the Anglican Church, live in Ottawa, Canada, and have three adult children.

Baseball and COVID19

Major League Baseball legends explain what to do during this season on break from COVID 19 and social distancing. Helping athletes be better prepared to return to baseball.

Host is Todd Black & Pete Rose with Tony Perez, Texas A&M – Bryce Blaum, and talking about High School Baseball.

EP 135 Revivalista Nelson (Spanish)“Despertando una Generación De Avivamiento”

Nelson fue dedicado a Dios por su madre cuando el nació. Su familia no era religiosa, tampoco los encontrabas en la iglesia. Cuando él tenia 15 años de edad, se encontró con una presencia demoniaca. En unas pocas semanas su vida cambio. Creyendo en Jesús se le abrió el camino para ayudar a otras personas cambiar sus vidas. Esta entrevista cuenta su historia paso por paso y con los detalles que el Señor le revelo a Nelson. También el ora y habla la Palabra de Dios en la vida de aquellos que escuchan a el Podcast.


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EP 134 Revivalist Nelson “Awakening a Generation of Revivalist”

Nelson’s mom dedicated him to the Lord when he was born. The family was not a church going religious one. When he was 15, he encountered a demonic presence. Within a few weeks, his life changed so much he was a born again believer in Jesus and on his way to helping others to change their life. This interview gives his story in detail. It is uplifting, encouraging and step by step details the Lord revealed to Nelson. He also prays and speaks the Word of God into the lives of those listening to the podcast.
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